Our Product Testers

After they have the approval of our selves and more importantly our horses the products are then passed on to our human testers.

Yasmin Ingham, Craig Mor Tom & two mono flap saddles Small image

Yasmin Ingham, Craig Mor Tom & two mono flap saddles

British & European Pony Eventing Champion 2013
Yasmin has been riding in our saddles since February 2012, she also helps us with trialing new products and we are at present working on some new saddles designed just for her in her debut year at under 18's. Oh and a new Stud girth.
Mathew Lawrence & a Comfortable, Supportive Saddle for a Show Rider Small image

Mathew Lawrence & a Comfortable, Supportive Saddle for a Show Rider

Champion Show Rider, Judge & Producer
Mathew is one of the leading show producers and competitors in the UK. He has been a customer of ours for many years and assists us with the development of new saddles and accessories including the highly successful Comfort Elite, Mathew Lawrence Showing Saddle and the new, soon to be revealed Mathew Lawrence bridle, reins and numnahs.

Also a Show Judge Mathew has an excellent insight into the high standard of tack required to be used at the highest levels of showing.
Denise, Aly, Bobby , Tiger Tim & Saddles for Traditional Cobs Small image

Denise, Aly, Bobby , Tiger Tim & Saddles for Traditional Cobs

Champion Coloured Cob Breeder & Producer
Denise Kersley and Alysa Matravers, rider of Tiger Tim, enjoy testing new products. Recently trying our new Seeker, Extra. The Extra Secure Working Hunter Saddle.
Marjorie Grant and Trailtrow Eriskay Small image

Marjorie Grant and Trailtrow Eriskay

Scottish Endurance and Dressage Team Member and Highland Pony Judge
As a product tester for us Marjorie gives us invaluable feedback on the products she tests for us, she recently tested our Comfort Elite Stirrup Irons for us.
Vibeke Lonskov and saddles for Remedial Horses Small image

Vibeke Lonskov and saddles for Remedial Horses

We are proud to work together with Vibeke in assisting injured horses 
With Vibeke's vast experience with working with Remedial Horses and her knowledge of the horse's body her input is very valuable when testing new products. (:
Rebecca Harris Equine Behaviourist Small image

Rebecca Harris Equine Behaviourist

Rebecca has helped us test lots of products in the past and was particular influential in test riding the Pony Saddle Company range of Saddles and the new 3rd Generation ReactorPanel up graded Discs.