Our Teams of Saddle Makers

The Society of Master SaddlersAll our saddles are made in Walsall, England, the historic home of saddle making, by qualified, experienced Master Craftsman. Only the best quality English tanned leather and traditional British standard wooden trees are used. In fact almost everything that goes into a Saddle Exchange Saddling Solutions branded saddle is sourced from within a mile radius of the Saddler’s workshops in the heart of Walsall, apart from the fittings on the new Iberian saddles which came from Portugal.

Our saddle making team is second to none with some of our makers having over 50 years experience in the trade. They use only the best quality leathers on our specially designed trees with an attention to detail that makes every saddle we sell a work of art.

We have been working with our saddle makers for more than 10 years, their expertise and experience in their craft together with our experience in fitting horses, ponies and riders of all shapes and sizes and our understanding of the needs of the modern horse and rider has led us to where we are today with our range of saddles designed for every need.

We also listen to our customers too as their input is most important, we often work closely with high level competition riders, instructors, trainers, equine body workers and show producers and occasionally in the past we have been asked to make something specific for a particular rider, some of these saddles have become part of the standard range as lots of other people seem to like them too, for example the Lucinda McAlpine ReactorPanel® Dressage Saddle, The Matthew Lawrence Comfort Show Saddle and The Christine Yeoman ReactorPanel® Endurance Saddle.